To provide the best product service to customer
The challenge spirit and valued investment for customer satisfaction.


The company, based on its many years accumulated
experiences and technological capacity from industrial field
is a specialized equipment manufacturer with high achievements
in the fields of Machine Tools, Processing Unit, Assembly Unit,
Precision Meters and in the area of LINE AUTO-MATION.

We, considering "Out Customers as the Source of Continuation for Enterprise"
reflect our philosophy in the enterprise activities,
providing maximized customer satisfaction,
We perform our tasks faithfully with accountability
owned by every member whose personality and creativity are well
respected and whose autonomy is guaranteed
under its fundamental recognition
that the center of enterprise activities is the human kinds,
We support our people to promote the development
of self as well as the development of the company,through which
we challenge to the future unfold in front of us
The company does not desire to be content with
what we have achieved but will keep our painstaking efforts for
ceaseless activity of R&D for advanced technology in its full force
Your continuous support for us in coming days will be greatly appreciated.

Hutech Engineering

Company Information

Company Name Co. Ltd. Hutech Engineering Establishment November 1998
Address 305, Somanggongwon-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
(623, Sihwa Industrial Park 3 Da)
Key Products Exclusive Machinery for Assembly, Machine Tools, Processing Equipments,
Metering Devices, Other Facilities
Quality Environment INNO-BIZ, ISO9001, ISO14001